Warehouse Upgrades

One of the most expensive fees a business faces after employees is storage. For the businesses that need a place to hold their supplies (other than their headquarters), warehousing comes into play. In Albany, New York, warehouses cost about $1.00 per square foot. Compared to most areas of NY, that’s relatively inexpensive. All kinds of businesses use warehouse storage facilities, from e-commerce to local contractors.

Albany Concrete Contractors is one such company that uses warehouse storage in Upstate New York. Their main office building is located downtown, but they approached us a couple months ago with a need for more space. As a local provider of concrete services, Albany Concrete Contractors’ website https://www.albanyconcretecontractors.com had increased their business so much that they needed extra storage to house some very large equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Not every storage facility can accommodate that kind of request. But, we can.

SPC Volta reached out to its partners in Albany one day after being contacted and was able to find a couple potential warehouse solutions. The first location was near Pearl Street and offered on-site parking. The space was 800 square feet, one level underground. While the overall area was a good size, the storage requirements did not allow for the concrete paving vehicle to pass through the door. This turned out to be a disqualifying item. The second warehouse option fit Albany Concrete Contractors perfectly. It offered 1,500 square feet with a private loading dock and 24/7 access for commercial vehicles and all related concrete equipment transportation.

When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you develop relationships that can really help your cause. In this case, three phone calls solved a problem that had bugged the company for weeks.