Client Case Study: Let’s Remodel

One of the most significant differences between the businesses that succeed and the ones that fail is their ability to manage costs.  Incoming revenue must always be higher than outgoing expenses, and it’s also important to maintain a steady cash flow to ensure the business can withstand market fluctuations and unexpected events that may negatively impact them.  Let’s Remodel is a good example of an organization that manages its costs well, which is why they’re the case study today.

Let’s Remodel is a kitchen and bathroom renovation company that was started more than 10 years ago by Polina Perju and her husband Pavel.  Polina came to us in 2017 with a need for on-demand warehousing to store building materials and supplies.  With numerous locations, we were able to provide multiple that fit her specific criteria, including our main Portland storage building.  Polina’s team can be quite large based on th  During the late summer and early fall, many of her contractors stopped in to pick up off and drop off wood, hammers, nails, screws, various types of stone like granite and marble, and to collect sheet-rock as well.  Our buildings have 24-hour access, which means that her and her team could stop in, swipe a card, and get their supplies any time, day or night.  This allowed them greater project flexibility versus a normal storage unit where the hours are a standard business day of 9 AM to 5 PM.

Let’s Remodel has a unique way of managing projects that works extremely well.  Polina is the brains behind the interior design, as well as management of the website, social media, and communications for their company.  Pavel manages the professional contractors to ensure that all work and renovations are finished fast and on-budget.  In addition, the dynamic duo uploads their completed and upcoming work to a special client portal so clients can track project status in real-time. In my opinion, they have the best kitchen remodeling portland or has available.  I strongly recommend checking out their website for more information.  If you submit a question or request kitchen, bathroom, or countertop estimates, they get back to you very quickly.

In working with hundreds of businesses during the last decade or so, I can say without a doubt that our warehousing facilities can help your business store your goods safely and securely.  If you need a good storage service near you, give us a call now and let’s discuss your options.