About Us

Warehousing & Storage Services

SPC Volta offers warehousing and storage services to accommodate your ever-evolving set of needs.  We provide both static and dynamic storage options for both dry and cold products.  What that means is that you can arrange to store your goods indefinitely in a set location, or you can call on-demand to store things short-term.  Combined with our advanced knowledge of storage logistics, our top-rated warehouse and storage facilities can accommodate shipments of any size.

Dynamic Storage

Dynamic storage is perfect for just-in-time delivery of stock that turns over quickly. Each of our locations contains ample room for logistical event staging to accommodate your needs on demand.  We can receive, sort, and deliver products as well if you need the support, which saves you time and money.  Need supply chain management or fulfillment?  We can handle that as well to make sure that products move through the life-cycle on time and the customers stay happy.

Static Storage

Static storage is perfect for slightly longer-term storage, such as weeks or months.

Warehousing & Storage Types:

Our warehouses are perfectly positioned to accommodate the entire state efficiently.  We can handle anything from dry goods, to food, to cold storage with temperature control.

Cold Storage

Our USDA approved cold storage commercial warehousing provides a large range of freezer and refrigerated warehouse options to choose from for your cold products.  Our facilities always maintain optimal temperature control to ensure that your temperature-sensitive products are kept at ideal levels for as long as you need.  Because our locations are food grade, we’re able to ensure that inspections will be a breeze.  Product stock commonly stored cold may include but is not limited to: meats, produce, dairy, raw materials, and more.

Dry Storage

Our dry storage warehousing options are quite sizable due to the constant demand in our area.  While the temperature of this type of facility is kept at normal levels, dry storage is ideal for product stock that doesn’t have any special temperature requirements.

Why Choose SPC Volta

Since 1992, we’ve stood our ground in the warehousing and storage industry, unphased by economic recessions and market changes.  Through the years, we’ve continually hired the top employees, upgraded our technology solutions, and improved our logistics to be able to stay on top of our game.  Our business is organized in a way that maximizes your return on investment, and we can assure you storing your goods with us is a smart business move financially.

  • We offer flexible hours – 24/7 access to locked facilities with a key-card
  • We can store anything – dry, cold, or food products that are dynamic or static
  • Changing spots is a breeze – Need to switch to a different location of ours or move within the existing facility? No problem. We’ll take care of the logistics and transportation of your goods.
  • Affordable pricing – We’re here to serve. Our cost-effective warehousing and storage solutions save you money.
  • Real-time Updates – Our inventory management system allows you to see inventory levels and shipments in one portal.
  • We have a ton of space – Our warehouse facilities total 50 million cubic feet of cold storage and 150 million cub feet of dry storage.